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Just what it sounds like! This is where I'll be noting down all of Dist's regains and little details, possibly a CR list if I stop being lazy.

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The following is a list of the major events that have happened since the first of us were brought here. Suffice it to say that this place can completely change its reality at any time, and the more prepared we are for that the better. Of course, strange things are par the course for Mayfield, but I've determined that the listed events are the most relevant to new arrivals as opposed to the most complete list possible. Many of the odd occurrences you'll experience here are essentially, depressingly, meaningless.

-Year 1

In mid-September, there was an outbreak of a disease called Red Asian Flu. This would normally not be significant other than that it was the first appearance of creatures we call hazmats. They distributed vaccinations, however some were faulty and caused strange effects instead, such as hallucinations. Others worked but had severe side effects like high fevers and vomiting. Suffice to say that hazmats are not to be approached under any circumstances.

In early November, somehow the Milkman was elected mayor. This triggered a series of disasters; first town hall burned down, followed by the only foul weather encountered before or since. Days later each street began to experience flooding, acid rain, burst plumbing, and other such things. Once the prisoners were permitted to vote again, the old mayor was re-elected and thus far has not left office.

-Year 2

In the middle to the end of January, Officer Grady went on a brainwashing and, presumably, killing spree. Many prisoners were found dead in their beds and others were listed as suspects in the killings. This went on for roughly a week before the prisoners awakened, good as new, and everything was returned to normal. This marked the first mention of the town of Westport, broadcasted on television as having all of its citizens found dead in their homes.

Early May marked what we call the Westport Incident. The road to the neighboring town of Westport was opened briefly, and the town was confirmed as being an empty, ransacked, bombed-out war zone. The road eventually closed and the hazmats made their second appearance, hunting down and killing anyone trapped there, either directly or with poison gas. No one was spared; it was only after everyone was killed that they were returned to Mayfield. The road to Westport has not been open since.

In early July, Mayfield experienced a complete transformation into an entirely foreign dystopian city, referred to as Maipole; most of the prisoners here were assigned factory work while the rest were given impossible tasks to complete and were generally shot or otherwise severely punished when they could not finish. A group of us managed to blow up the factory that had become the town center, and shortly thereafter the city returned to the state you see it in now.

In late October the hazmats made their third appearance. A citizen of Maipole, apparently someone very dangerous in the eyes of Grady and the mayor, was observed walking the streets in an injured stupor, though he was capable of a kind of teleportation. He hid in many prisoners' houses, mumbling and bleeding, and when no one consented to give him up the hazmats were called in for more aggressive measures. Many citizens were gassed and murdered with axes in their search for the man, who was eventually captured, given to Grady, and hanged in front of town hall.

-Year 3

December of Year 2 and the following January were closely linked. In December, the prisoners were compelled to transcribe their wishes onto letters and send them off to "Santa Claus;" almost everyone instead received something grisly or otherwise dangerous in return. In January it was revealed that the supposed Santa was actually the Postman, who attempted to get the prisoners to collectively vote "yes" or "no" to being returned to their respective worlds. When the votes didn't come in unanimous, we were told that they would not be counted at all, though many, yours truly included, doubted that they ever would have been in the first place.

In March, nothing with long-term implications happened, just a stupid joke by a filthy bunch of cowards!

In March, the highway circling Mayfield was opened. There was a complicated plot that would be pointless to detail here as it was apparently a prank played on us by our captors; what pieces of information we managed to glean from it are in all likelihood irrelevant, as the clues were almost universally linked to the prank itself. Notably, however, the highway is still there, though the small town we found on the other side of it, Deadman's Gulch, is no longer accessible. The Gulch was abandoned like Westport, but there were no hazmats and we were free to come and go until it closed off.


Maipole and Westport are the only examples we have seen about what the outside world has become, and it's not a pretty picture. More clues are periodically given, but other than that a war has probably taken place it's hard to piece them together. Clues that we find are generally broadcasted to all of the prisoners over the phones, so as long as you pay attention you shouldn't be left in the dark.
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[Dist is exploring the ruins, taking in every detail, every change. He even has a notepad with him. Everything must be documented. Feel free to bump into him; he's tense, on edge, but refusing to simply lie back. This is a scare tactic. He will not fall for such... manipulative nonsense. It's completely beneath him. Allies are welcome, enemies will be fought. Those who refuse to fight, who refuse to stand up, are not worth protecting. He has the Mayor's gun and he's not afraid to use it.]
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[Action, 836 Hastings]

[Dist is so sick of drones. Drones in his house, drones at work, mindless shells everywhere he looks. It's not helping his state of mind in the least, and finally it's driven him to try and escape. He knows that this house has at least two people he knows in it, and that should be enough to stave off the madness for at least a night. Still, he lingers outside the door for several minutes, uncertain and building up courage, before knocking. One of them might not be too happy to see him.]
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Fine. You people want to play that way?

Enjoy educating newcomers by yourselves. I'm done helping you.

[And, true to his word, he won't be handing out any more letters, at least for the moment. Explain what he's talking about? Why in the world would he do that? Obviously the actions of maybe three people is enough for him to throw a tantrum over the phone lines.]


[Anyone who might see Dist walking through the streets can see that he's an absolute wreck. Not emotionally -- his expression is uncharacteristically stony. It's his face that's busted up, bruised across his cheek and mouth and his left eye patched over. Well, the place where his left eye should be, but that's not exactly visible. It'd happened a couple of days ago, but that's not quite long enough to heal fully, so for now he's just combed his hair forward a bit in an attempt to cover it all up.

He does seem to have a destination in mind, though, as he's walking particularly quickly.]

[729 Anderson lane]

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[Yeah, Dist is still rather bitter about the whole droning thing and his talk with Nina. He hasn't even had the energy to update his letter, which he knows sorely needs doing, and his efforts to repair the Kaiser's gun constantly end in frustration. Sol, his cheagle, to his credit, does his best to comfort his master, but in a house full of drones he's often just too worn out to be consoled.]


Someone in this town must be able to teach me to fight. An old resident had begun the process, but he's been... gone... for ages. I will provide compensation if it's required.


[It's late in the year, but Dist is in his garden anyway, dressed down for the job of digging up his flowerbed and eventually beginning to replicate a pretty white flower, which Sol is replanting for him as he comes up with new ones. They're selenias, flowers native to Auldrant, and it's a comfort to have them there. He's stuck, and might as well make it a home rather than a prison. He'd given up in bits and pieces already, and this just seems fitting. Damn his drone-infested house, damn his lack of friends. Damn it all.]
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[action, all week]

[Oh, no. Dist is too jaded from Thanksgiving to drink anything the town encourages him to. And being droned? Not that bad; it seems to wear off daily just long enough to give him a chance to drink, and when he doesn't it puts him under again. He can risk it when he gets sick of the cycle, after all. His house is full of drones; he has no reason to protect them.

So, citizens of Mayfield, Saphir Neis is quite happily walking the streets, making pleasant conversation, and generally shooting at everyone and everything(knives are just so last year) with the pistols he acquired a few months ago. You might find him:

a: at the General Store, buying more bullets.

b: generally around town, in the park, in the library, going about his dronely duties.

c: for those with some CR, he may just drop by your house to have a nice personal chat! And to shoot you! After all, isn't that what friends are for?]
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Well, there's no way this little curveball could possibly go awry.

That said, I need accounts from as many of you as possible on the events of last month. I have a working knowledge, but as many of you need to weigh in as possible. It's all for the sake of my beautiful letter... oh, and consequently, all of our newcomers. We're starting to get a wave of them, and again it falls to me to create a comprehensive list. Mayfield is lucky to have such a charitable genius onboard.

So! Personal experiences. please, as well as any gathered information. This should all be professionally documented.
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[This is wrong.

Saphir can't pin down what's wrong, exactly, but something is creeping up on him. For one, he isn't mentally referring to himself with his alias any more. For another, he's... comfortable, almost. He eats the food provided by his droned wife happily, leans in for a kiss just before he leaves for work, punctual as always... but halfway through the motion, he stops himself. This isn't who he is. He's not happily married, especially not to a woman, which the Mayfield-compliant half him finds rather reprehensible. Saphir... Dist as never been confused or ashamed of who he is, but that unfamiliar guilt is starting to creep up on him.

It's an illusion, he tells himself, hurriedly rushing out the door. The door to his home, in fact, the home he's had forever, all those memories... no. His prison. His prison filled with unthinking drones. The prison that tortures them all without a thought. Though, it's been quiet, so perhaps that's over... maybe he can settle down, make a life here...]

Action A:
[Saphir can be seen doing his work in the library, vacillating between cheerfully doing what's expected of him and stopping, pensive, fighting with himself. Unsure.]

Action B:
[Dist is wandering town, clearly pensive and confused. He doesn't even know which memories are real any more. He doesn't know who he is and who he's becoming, even which reality he'd prefer. On the one hand, his Professor was alive, he and Jade are still friends and colleagues, he has a happy, normal life... on the other, what if all of that is a sham? He can't decide. He's walking robotically, occasionally simply stopping in the middle of the sidewalk/park, thinking. Searching for truth. Trying to cease the crossfire in his mind. Clearly, he's not watching where he's going.]

Action C:
[Olney's Tavern. One half of him wants a simple beer, the other wants a fancy cocktail. He takes both. Alcohol makes everything better, doesn't it?]

...Which reality is right? I can't decide.

[Elaboration? That's for the sober.]
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Are you people actually playing along with this farce? I knew most of you were stupid but I didn't know you were this stupid! Anyone playing into their hands on this deserves whatever they get; I have my own target, but they can rest assured that I am not so foolish as to bend to the whims of our captors. And it could be any of you, since I myself cannot reveal the target! Rest easier, knowing that Dist the Rose will not be putting himself on anyone's trail.


[Dist, however, does not trust his housemates. He is getting out; making sure to arm himself with the pistols he purchased for his trip to Deadman's Gulch, he heads out to find his own personal shelter. Oddly, he feels better than he has in months; his things are gone, but his eye is back, and the natural assumption to make from there is that his blood fonons have also returned. The false eye was sitting neatly on his bedside table, and as such he keeps it with him just in case.

a: Running to the store! He'll wait days if he has to, and will need provisions. He's dressed down for the trip, to avoid drawing undue attention.

b: Making his way to the library! With some bags! He knows the building well, and knows that there are plenty of supplies inside to barricade himself in with.

c: In the library! He's taking books down off the shelves and stacking then neatly(and in order!) along the walls. He's turned a table on its side and shoved it against the front doors, and absolutely plans on using the shelves for similar things once they're stripped. If he finds you in the library, or if you attempt to join him in it, expect a confrontation.]
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[Phone, filtered]

Someone find me a world map.
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[Phone 1]

I suppose it's that time again, isn't it? New people everywhere, and a census to boot? You'd think they would know exactly how many people are here, seeing as they brought us here individually, but I digress.

For all of our newcomers, my name is Dist. Many of you have been here for a week or so and have likely come to understand the basics of Mayfield already. I'm here to expand your working knowledge, being the gracious neighbor that I am; I've written up a letter just for you, detailing the most important information you're likely to need, as well as a timeline of events that are significant to our understanding of the town.

Anyone may come by the Mayfield Library to pick up a copy, or multiple copies, for themselves; ask a drone where it is if you don't already know. I will be the man with pale hair and glasses; you'll know it's me because I happen to be gorgeous.


[And, like always, Dist can indeed be found in and out of the stacks, mostly keeping himself busy out of boredom. This job? Not the most exciting.]

[Phone 2]

[Later in the evening, and filtered from the usual suspects.]

I have realized that I cannot continue to be effective in my investigations without a more thorough working knowledge of this world and its history. Since the library has a notable lack of history books, I will need someone to inform me. Even after being here as long as I have, all I've gleaned is that America is apparently amazing and Communists are bad. This is, you understand, not enough.

We will not be going over all of this on the phones. We will arrange a time and a place and meet up then. Don't disappoint me.

(ooc: like before, if you're just interested in the letter and not CR with Dist, you don't need to go through the motions of threading to get one. ^^ He'll be handing them out to everyone, so if you would prefer not to thread it out you can just assume your character was given one and sent on their way.)
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Ugh, I feel like this is all I do anymore...

Newcomers. Doubtless you've heard the basics of where you've found yourself already, from your so-called "family" or otherwise. Dist the Rose is here to give you a more in-depth explanation; that is, a letter that I myself have been so generous as to compose for you. I'm giving one out to anyone who asks, new or old; for those who have the old version, I've updated it to include the basic gist of what happened last month.

Simply come to either the library or my home, at 1767 Beaver Street. Any drone should be able to tell you where the library is; I'll be in and out of the shelves myself. Look for a slender man with pale hair and glasses.

[Action A]

[If you go to the library earlier in the day, you will indeed find Dist wandering in and out of the rows of books, alternately doing the shelving and sorting that the job requires and peeking through the books himself, pausing every so often to write down a title.]

[Action B]

[On into the afternoon and evening, he's in his driveway, detaching the gun from the Kaiser's belly; it's scorched all to hell and clearly no longer functional. He really has no clue how he's going to fix it without just building a new one from scratch, and without his lab that in itself will be difficult. Dammit, Mayfield.]

(ooc note: if you're not interested in cr with dist, there's no need to post in; you can give your character the letter without threading with me if you'd prefer. ^^ it's out there for you guys; just assume dist gave it to you without incident[shockingly]. a bit of retroactive interaction is fine too, if this shows up before you officially intro; just don't, like... dig it up a week from now if your character wasn't here.)
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[A joke. It had all been a goddamned joke.

He's left with a handful of clues that may or may not be worth anything, another death under his belt, trauma, and a ruined chain gun for a joke?! His regain adds insult to injury; having his own glasses and makeup is nice, but what he had to go through to get it? It's too much.

And Jade? Where was Jade through all this? Droned. Droned by this place, or a stupid glitch, or whatever the excuse is now. He'd have overcome something like that, wouldn't have let some Mayfield programming keep him from acting. Not the Jade Dist knows. He can't let the man live like that, and he can't look at him brainless and nattering either. Something has to be done, and he can't confront the people responsible effectively.

Dist the Reaper has never been a very reasonable person.

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Dist can be found:

A: Skulking around Mayfield, seemingly looking for something, and not very happily at that. He's walking, which is odd, and looking properly exhausted; in addition, he's dressed distinctly plainly.

B: Leaving the park, spattered all over with gore and appearing no less angry than he was before; in fact, it seems more like active rage than seething plotting. You'll probably get screamed at.

C: At the bar, drinking what is probably too much, generally in the form of frilly cocktails. No, he hasn't changed, though he's made a token effort to clean himself up, and his purple lipstick is impeccable. You'll probably get screamed at drunkenly.]

(ooc: for what it's worth, even though jade is no longer played and is thus in the status of a normal drone(and will probably just respawn anyway), his old player knows. XD just covering my ass on this one.)
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[Filtered from the usual suspects]

It's absolutely imperative that those if you with notes or information come forward with them, to me, in person. I have many of the clues, including some shared over the phones most recently, and I have been putting them together, but even a brilliant mind cannot complete a puzzle without all the pieces. I will... compensate you if I must, but it is for the greater good of everyone, including yourself, that everything be consolidated in one place.

I will be updating the primer with the latest events once I'm sure that whatever is going on has come to an end.

[Filtered to Ema]

Miss Skye, is it? Is your data safe?
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A: [action]
[Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!

It's a flying cockbot robot! Dist has gotten his regain, and it's outfitted his mech with a beautiful set of propellers, all the better for flying all around your lovely town in. It's been a long time since he's gotten to do anything with his beloved Kaiser, and with his chair and its propellers it's finally whole and complete. He's a little giddy.

He may or may not be burning the shit out of trees in the park with something else that came bundled in his regain: the Kaiser's fonon beam. What? They'll grow back!]

B: [phone]

Attention, newer citizens of Mayfield!

[Crap, that was too loud. Yeah, he's at work, at the library. After lowering his voice, he continues.]

There have been more of you arriving since I gave my last offer, so here it is again, since I'm so beautifully generous: I've composed a primer for our unfortunate newcomers, to introduce them to the workings of Mayfield. Doubtless upon arriving here you have asked around and gotten some of the basic details, but I assure you they have not been as comprehensive as the information I have compiled. I have updated it to include some of the more recent events; none of it should be anything new to people who were here for them, but I'd be delighted to pass one out to anyone who would like the updated copy.

Simply come to the library and look for a beautiful man with white hair and glasses. I may be in the stacks or at the front desk, or anywhere really. If you don't know where the library is, ask a drone; they'll be happy to tell you all about its location. My name is Dist.

C: [action again!]

[And, despite looking tired and pale, Dist is rather happily going about his duties in the Library, shelving, stamping, telling stories to the kindergartners... why do they always give him that job? But! He's learned that threatening not to tell them the end of the story if they don't settle the hell down(and following up on it) helps keep things quiet. He may or may not actually be holding a book; sometimes he just makes stuff up, or tells stories from his own world.

Frequently, though, when he starts looking a little too tired and faint, he stops, hiding back among the shelves to sit and rest and possibly eat a candy bar or a handful of almonds. This is when you'll find him looking more emotionally out-of-sorts; as exciting as having his working machine back is, it can't carry his body through a whole, busy day, and the fact that is is so weak like this... well, it doesn't please him, to say the very least.

Teachers, students, fellow library workers, people actually seeking him out, anyone with a reason to be in the place, feel free to bump into him! He'd love to talk to you. Maybe.]

D: [one more action]

[Hey, residents of 1669 Nelson. There's a rose on your front step. No, not Dist, just a single white rose, with no card or explanation of how it got there or who put it there. Have fun with that.]

(ooc note: I snapped a screenshot of Dist's updated Kaiser to give people a visual but I seriously have no clue where the file went, so here's a video that shows you. You don't have to watch the whole thing, because it's long; it shows up like immediately. Also, as a bonus, hear his irritating voice! This is what you've been talking to all this time, folks.)
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[Okay, this is weird. He's not due a regain, so at first Dist is wary of the neat little box on his doorstep. He leaves it there for almost an hour but his curiosity finally gets the better of him; how bad could it be, really? Carefully he peels back the paper, peeking into the box...

The memories hit him like a train in the back of the head, and he doesn't even take the time to get his chair before he's off in the direction of Jade's house. Could it be a trick? Maybe. But that doesn't occur to him just then; he's always placed possibly too much trust and value in his memories, and now is no exception. When he gets there, he's pounding on the door with his fist.]

Jade! JADE!


Feb. 8th, 2011 03:24 pm
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[Phone call! To the whole town! Except the drones and the usual meddling authority figures. The call is in a moderately hushed tone, but he's easily understandable.]

So, I see that there are many new people, and you may count yourselves as lucky as you can in this place because Dist the Rose is here to take care of you all. I'm sure you've been informed as to the basics of Mayfield, but I've put together a lovely little primer for just this kind of occasion, giving you all of the details you need to bring you fully up to speed, including the most important things that have been inflicted upon us since the first of us can remember arriving here. If you would like to be informed, then come to the library to pick up a copy. If you can't find it, ask any drone where it is, they'll be able to tell you. Look for a gorgeous man with pale hair; someone as extraordinary as myself will stand out.

[And, just a little louder but no so much so that he's quite up to normal talking level.]

And be sure to pick up your free library card! Knowledge is power and all that.


[And there Dist will be, flitting about, stacking things and shelving things and generally keeping himself busy. He'll also be available to assist anyone who just so happens to be in the library themselves, though every so often he'll have to stop and sit to rest a bit, possibly get down a granola bar outside the view of the head librarian. He can't fit his chair through the door, let alone down the aisles of books, so he's walking everywhere and carrying things and with his condition this tires him out quickly.]
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[Oh, Mayfield. Do you think you've heard sobbing? No, no you have not. Because that's pretty much all this tiny sparkle is doing, in-between panicked running about trying to figure out where he is and why doesn't he recognize anyone and professorrrrrrr ;A;

Okay, maybe he isn't wailing constantly, but he's definitely got a consistent sniffle, and will be found one of many places:

A. Bothering you! Tapping you, tugging on a pantleg, knocking on your door; wherever you are, he's trying to get your attention, looking increasingly distraught and panicked.

B. Getting into your electronics and/or car. How did he get in your house? It's not really important; despite the sniffle, he's taking something apart, and if you watch him undetected long enough you'll probably see him start putting it back together again. Maybe backwards, maybe better. He doesn't look any less upset than option A.

C. Resigned and miserable at the park. He's sitting beneath a tree, despondently drawing in the dirt with a stick, little skinny legs pulled up to his chest. Yes, still sniffling. Spare a tissue, kind sir?]

(I KNOW I'M ON HIATUS SSH. Replies will be slow, and will come from [ profile] bittyglitter. There will be backtagging. 8Db)
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